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Pre wedding skin prep that works for everyone

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Skincare doesn't have to be complicated or widly expensive. Yes, there are some products that are bougie and gorgeous and that's fine, it has it's place. But I'm talking basics in skincare that are clean and fresh and wonderful! I speak to alot of brides in the run up to their wedding and it's always surprising how many do nothing (eek!) to keep their skin looking and feeling good. But it's not too late ladies and gents, get on board now for that lush glowy skin. Here's a few tips and products that I love. And that do their job...

Hydration - Water. Lots of it. Ok, so it's a bit of a cheat as it's not technically a product but it's the key to skin happiness! Up your water intake.

SPF - wear this stuff every day, those that are old enough to know, know that we didn't have the luxury of this stuff unless we were at the beach. Even then it might have been a push.. So, get it on your face daily. You don't want the heavy duty beach spf for the body or oil - I like La Roche Posay range - this lightweight fluid sits on the skin really well. And there's a tinted version so it's a win win. Link below - my 20% Look Fantastic code is LFTFMILLIEMUW

Morning and evening routine - Get something basic underway every day to nourish your skin. You don't have to have a 7 step programme so don't panic. No one has time for that.. Something that's suitable for your skin morning and night to give your skin that extra glow.

Cleansing - give your skin a good clean morning and night - double cleanse if you have time. Don't use soap (please!) but a gentle cleanser on the skin will work wonders.

La Roche Posay Effaclar This cleansing gel is a firm favourite for me - oily skin users will love it. The gel formula means it doesn't make you feel greasy and the skin feels very clean!

F1 - The Skin Wizard - If you haven't tried a cleansing balm before then give it a try! Just a small amount of product to work into the skin melts the makeup away - great for drier skin.


Anyone who isn't using a moisturiser isn't allowed to get married..! And if you aren't, start right away or we can't be friends. A couple of good, affordable options here; both ranges do all kinds of creams for different skin so a great starting point if you don't have your skincare underway yet.

I like to use a night oil in the evenings, I do have oily skin so if you do too, it has to be right for you to avoid break outs but these are good options that I have found that I like;

The Ordinary Cold pressed Virgin Marula Oil -

Great for skin, hair and nails - a nourishing all rounder. A great value product.

F5 Nourish and glow balm - The Skin Wizard

This balm is gorgeous for skin, hair, nails and lips - everywhere and anywhere quite frankly. Rich and nourishing and provides a wonderful glow to the skin. Can be used under makeup and overnight. A lemony fresh balm that is clean and fresh and a wonderfully unisex product and packaging - great for the man in your life too.

Votary Intense Night Oil - Ok, so I said nothing too expensive , and this is a bit spenny ...but... it's gorgeous. Smells divine and locks in that moisture.

Eye cream - The skin under and around our eyes is very thin and requires as much hydration as you can throw at it. I can't tell you how much it helps the makeup sit better around this area. Creasing under the eye is something that happens to practically everyone, there is no magic product but we can help this along with lots of water and eye cream. Two lovely options here.

Kiehls - Avocado Eye cream. Rich and nourishing, great for dry skin

F7 - The Skin Wizard - A lightweight balm that sinks straight into the skin, great for all skin types

Dry skin/Oily skin/problem skin? You'll likely fall into one of these categories and this can sometimes be genetic, like someone with great skin that doesn't do much (you know, the ones we love to hate...) But sometimes it can be just a tweak with some good skincare routine to iron out any issues. Get going with a simple routine and you'll thank yourself for it (or me). * please enquire with a professional if you are experiencing problematic skin.

Trying out these simple steps will get you on the road to a beautiful wedding day with beautiful skin!

We can chat about your skin and your face and your makeup when we have our initial zoom once you are booked with me for your wedding day. I love those 15 minute chats finding out all about you so click here to enquire!

Alternatively if you have been wanting to get all this info and more, book a makeup lesson, we can cover basic skincare - because great makeup starts with great skin!

*all products have the link on them when you click on the photo - happy shopping!

Love Clare x Millie Makeup

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